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the hunts in prague

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One of my favorite adventures of the summer was a ferry boat ride to Detsky Ostrov (“Children’s Island”). Our city is packed with fun opportunities for kids, and this one was perfect for a summer afternoon.
We traveled with our teammates, the Stewarts, and our church friends, the Ilincevs.

Walking to the tram is half the fun!

Waiting for the ferry (a better description might be ‘glorified rowboat.’)
Joanna, Izaak, Sasha, Foard, Sam, Elisha, Simon, Laira & Noah.
No, we didn’t get to ride the swan boat in the back. Maybe next time.

On the boat!

Glad I wasn’t a part of this conversation.

Arriving at our destination- such anticipation!

Detsky Ostrov is basically a giant playground. We climbed, hung, ran, and fought yellow jackets (they go ballistic here in August… must be the upcoming football season) all afternoon. Another great Praha adventure!

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