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the hunts in prague

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In Search of a Retreat

We took a team retreat to the tiny town of Velke Bilovice. In many ways the retreat was a total disaster– people got sick, agendas were scrapped, trains were missed, etc etc etc. But it really was a gorgeous place to get into ‘the nature,’ and I, for one, enjoyed myself.

We took the train to Moravia and arrived at our destination pretty late in the day.
Solution? Quarantine the children in the corner of the room and throw all the leftover train snacks on the floor in hopes that it’s enough to fill them up for the night. So classy.

The same philosophy applied to morning burn-the-hours-till-breakfast time.
Here Foard is gnawing on a piece of stale rohlik.

Ahhhh. Adult time at last.
My dinner. Not bad, really.
At least there was room for dessert.

Poached Pear Delight

Such manliness.

Happy Birthday, Phil!
See? Your special day wasn’t a TOTAL disaster.

The town’s foundation is the wine industry, and there are more than 650 privately owned wine cellars there. The highlight of my time there was walking around and seeing vineyards & wine cellars that have been standing since the 1300s. These buildings weren’t built to look old, they are old.

See the scarecrows?

Freshly-picked grapes ready for the wine press.

We visited right in the middle of wine season, so we had plenty of chances to taste the sweet just-pressed tastiness called burcak (bur-chock).
Don’t tell my grandparents, but Sam (hearts) burcak.

Fancy wine thingy.

And what goes better with wine than… cheese!
And peanuts…?


Help Some Friends Out

At our World Harvest retreat in May we met Drs. Scott and Jennifer Myhre, another missionary family whose blog we’ve been reading for a couple of years. They served 17 years doing medical missions in Bundibugyo, Uganda, and are now on furlough in the States for a few months before moving to Kampala, Uganda to serve as WHM’s field directors for East Africa.

The Myhres are a great encouragement for lots and lots of younger missionaries like us. They write honestly about the blessings and sacrifices of missionary life. Our work looks very different, but some of the ups and downs are the same. We are thankful for their example.

At any rate, there’s a blog holding a contest that will give an Amazon Kindle to the winning missionary. These are great for missionaries– they’ll hold thousands of books, and you can buy and download the books online. (It’s hard to get new English books in Prague. Imagine Uganda or Kenya.) Also, the Myhres left hundreds of their books in Uganda for the believers there.

So, what do you say let’s try and win the Myhres a Kindle. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to this post for the blog contest.
  2. Leave a comment, mention the Myhres, and include this link:


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Happy Birthday, Foard!

Our precious Foard turned one in September!
Besides Grampa & Ooh-la-la being here, we had a blast celebrating with sweet friends.

You don’t even want to know what went into the cake.

Preparations aplenty.

Meanwhile, the birthday boy snoozed away.

Happy Birthday to You!

That’s some potent blue icing!

Everyone loves Miss Claire!

Birthday present from Grampa & Ooh-la-la=
hours of warm indoor entertainment!


Nash Visit- Full Hearts

Not having family close by is by far the hardest part of living overseas.
There are so many sweet moments that we miss sharing with the people we love, not to mention the help & encouragement that comes with grandmas & grampas!
So we soaked up as much as we could while my parents were here. We’ll do it again next year, and until then, we’re thankful for Skype & Vonage!!


Nash Visit– Life in HuntWorld

It was fun to give my parents a taste of what daily life looks like for us now.

Bus- and tram-riding.

Impromptu picnics.

River ferry field trips.

Spejbl & Hurvinek (legendary Prague marionettes)

Construction construction construction.
[It amazes me that they place each stone by hand!]

Sunday morning pancakes with our sweet babysitter, Claire.

Sunday morning movie & tea.

Escape artist

Late afternoon double rainbow… so intense.

This is the way we roll.

So is this.
[Just an aside: I love this picture. It completely encapsulates Sam at three. Way to go, Dad.]

And this.

The massive hill to our house.

Visit to IKEA.

How many people can we cram into one tiny station wagon?

We spend a big chunk of our life at playgrounds & bike ramps around the city.

Wow. BMX = Badass Mommy Xpress.

Pretty flowers at the kvetiny [flower shop].

It’s tradition to make out on the metro escalators. Mom & Dad obliged. How cute.

We went out for Mom’s (rhymes-with-pixtieth) birthday.
She ordered limoncello and got lemonade. Yep. Welcome to our life.


Nash Visit–Tourists Schmourists

My parents visited for two weeks in September. We were SO excited to have them here and had such a fun time showing them our new city and what life looks like for us.

Mom & Dad arrived with suitcases overflowing with goodies for us. Everything from Cheerios to Halloween costumes to Tylenol.

We stuffed a lot into two weeks, so I’ll break up the photo overload a bit.
Here are some shots of our touring days.
[Warning: this post contains more pictures of me than any other in our blog’s history, I think. Weird.]

Our first stop: the creepy baby tower. Google it if you’re curious.

I lead them into the castle via my favorite ‘secret’ entrance.

The fountain is ‘singing.’ See?

A comparison of three different artists’ depictions of Christ in the St. Vitus cathedral.

Tour Guide Melissa. “Let’s keep moving, people!

Dad (hearts) Rick Steves.

September is wine season in the CZ.

Two funny things:
1- The day was windy.
2- Hello, Melissa. 1993 called and wants its all-denim outfit back.

Foard accompanied us on our outings a couple of times.

How much longer will they keep me in here?

So embarrassing when you don’t know how to navigate your own city.

Dad took pictures of really pretty things like this:

Mom took pictures of really pretty things like this:

Just a little family down-time on Mucha’s tomb. Hope he didn’t mind.

We wore out even the most seasoned sight-seers.

Lots of walking, lots of fun!