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the hunts in prague

Nash Visit– Life in HuntWorld


It was fun to give my parents a taste of what daily life looks like for us now.

Bus- and tram-riding.

Impromptu picnics.

River ferry field trips.

Spejbl & Hurvinek (legendary Prague marionettes)

Construction construction construction.
[It amazes me that they place each stone by hand!]

Sunday morning pancakes with our sweet babysitter, Claire.

Sunday morning movie & tea.

Escape artist

Late afternoon double rainbow… so intense.

This is the way we roll.

So is this.
[Just an aside: I love this picture. It completely encapsulates Sam at three. Way to go, Dad.]

And this.

The massive hill to our house.

Visit to IKEA.

How many people can we cram into one tiny station wagon?

We spend a big chunk of our life at playgrounds & bike ramps around the city.

Wow. BMX = Badass Mommy Xpress.

Pretty flowers at the kvetiny [flower shop].

It’s tradition to make out on the metro escalators. Mom & Dad obliged. How cute.

We went out for Mom’s (rhymes-with-pixtieth) birthday.
She ordered limoncello and got lemonade. Yep. Welcome to our life.

3 thoughts on “Nash Visit– Life in HuntWorld

  1. A double rainbow?! What does this mean?? :)Looks like you guys had a great trip. I particularly like the stroller BMX

  2. I love all of the pictures in these two posts. Particularly:1 – Inpromptu picnics…inpromptu picnics with CASTLES! Do you ever get over the fact that you live in a world of castles??2 – I also LOVE the picture that you love. Isn't it great when a picture totally captures your child?3 – All of these pictures are so beautiful and colorful!!!4 – I love your brown shirt with the tie (in the swing pic). So chic casual. 5 – The Nashes making out – HAHAHAHAHAHA! 6 – I like your brown guest room.7 – Wine season, you say??? Hmmm…September 2011?? Stofers in CZ??You guys look great – love your family!

  3. can i just say how thankful i am for the double rainbow plug.seeing this makes me miss you even more. praying to see you soon :)love to the nashes!

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