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Nash Visit–Tourists Schmourists


My parents visited for two weeks in September. We were SO excited to have them here and had such a fun time showing them our new city and what life looks like for us.

Mom & Dad arrived with suitcases overflowing with goodies for us. Everything from Cheerios to Halloween costumes to Tylenol.

We stuffed a lot into two weeks, so I’ll break up the photo overload a bit.
Here are some shots of our touring days.
[Warning: this post contains more pictures of me than any other in our blog’s history, I think. Weird.]

Our first stop: the creepy baby tower. Google it if you’re curious.

I lead them into the castle via my favorite ‘secret’ entrance.

The fountain is ‘singing.’ See?

A comparison of three different artists’ depictions of Christ in the St. Vitus cathedral.

Tour Guide Melissa. “Let’s keep moving, people!

Dad (hearts) Rick Steves.

September is wine season in the CZ.

Two funny things:
1- The day was windy.
2- Hello, Melissa. 1993 called and wants its all-denim outfit back.

Foard accompanied us on our outings a couple of times.

How much longer will they keep me in here?

So embarrassing when you don’t know how to navigate your own city.

Dad took pictures of really pretty things like this:

Mom took pictures of really pretty things like this:

Just a little family down-time on Mucha’s tomb. Hope he didn’t mind.

We wore out even the most seasoned sight-seers.

Lots of walking, lots of fun!

2 thoughts on “Nash Visit–Tourists Schmourists

  1. i love to tune into your blog… i still remember our couch conversations and realizing our similar personalities and struggles… i sooo wish that we'd had more time together …and maybe when we aren't all trying to figure out so many unknowns… your boys are so handsome and you look GREAT ! … so envious of your curly hair ~

  2. love the cakelove the pic of weird baby tower. We always ask why when we see it. weird!love the pic of you all together on the swing

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