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the hunts in prague

Nash Visit- Full Hearts


Not having family close by is by far the hardest part of living overseas.
There are so many sweet moments that we miss sharing with the people we love, not to mention the help & encouragement that comes with grandmas & grampas!
So we soaked up as much as we could while my parents were here. We’ll do it again next year, and until then, we’re thankful for Skype & Vonage!!

3 thoughts on “Nash Visit- Full Hearts

  1. I love love all the pics, and I think you pull off the all-denim look quite magnificently!

  2. I think that you should have the photo of you all on the log swing thing framed ! How cool… i'm going to steal that photo op if i have a chance here to be on a log thingy swing doo dad… Have a great day !

  3. Those shots are fantastic!! Can't believe you made a birthday cake in the shape of a 1! I made homemade cupcakes this year and thought that was pretty special! 🙂 Ya'll are so, so dear and we miss you guys so much! Prayers coming your way from Philly! By the way, love that Sam is enlightening the Czechs about UGA with his bright red sweatshirt!

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