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the hunts in prague


We May Not Have Jack Bauer….

…but Chuck Norris is no stranger to the Czech Republic.
Our friend, Amy, tipped us off to these.

[This first one portrays the traditional Christmas carp. From what we understand, you let ole Carpy swim in your bathtub for a couple of days, then you fish him out, terminate him, and serve him with potatoes.]

Here‘s the full article.

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On Wednesday we went to the opening of our teammate Talitha’s phography exhibit, Velvet 17. Next week is a big anniversary for the Czech Republic, so she and seven other artists explored “the shedding of Communism for a new way of life, how Czech society has adapted to that change, the prevailing existence of xenophobia, and the evolution of the social mindset in the past 21 years.”
The pictures, and the stories behind them, were fascinating. It’s sobering to think that such a controlling & suffocating regime was such a stronghold just a short time ago; every time I learn more about Communism, I’m able to understand the people of the Czech Republic a little better.

Talitha, posed next to her name on the window.

A group that preformed at the exhibit. Wonderful stuff.

Our friend, Petra. She was the subject of one of the photos, as was her (precious!!!) grandmother, seen here.

Talitha had some great friends turn out for the opening. Pavla (fifth from the left) was also the subject of a photo (by her head).
Shanna, Betsy, Me (why am I standing like that?), Joanna, Pavla, Sally & Rebekah

Congrats, T! We’re so very proud of you!


My Day with a Cowboy

I am the most spoiled mom in the world.
Thursdays are ‘boy time’ at my house, and I get the day to meet with people, take Czech lessons, catch up on church work, and explore the city.
Don’t hate me– I’ve already acknowledged the fact that I’m spoiled.

Last week, Sam asked me to bring Woody along for my day out, so I captured our adventure together.

Woody brushed up on his German while I learned Czech.
Smart guy. German’s probably much more useful around the world.

Studying the metro map.

Don’t worry, Woody. You’ll get over your escalator fears someday, just like I did.

Sweet Woody. He remembered that I had these flowers in my wedding bouquet and offered to buy me some. Too bad pretend money doesn’t work in the CR.

Our friend Talitha says that M&S petits pois are the best frozen peas out there.
She’s right.

Was this post ridiculous? Absolutely.
Were you glad to see pictures of something other than our (excruciatingly beautiful, chubby-faced) children? Probably so.

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Joanna (Martha) Stewart

I’ve been meaning to share a couple of cute pictures.
Our teammate Joanna is amazingly talented. You hand her a sweater, she makes a purse. You give her 24hours and she sews an antebellum dress for Halloween. You comment on a store window and she refinishes & recovers her dining room set. Etc, etc, etc.

For Foard’s first birthday, Joanna made him a precious toboggan from old tshirt thread. Perfect fit (though it’s on his head backwards in this shot), and just in time for October’s blustery days!

Then, she went au natural on us and tie-dyed Foard some pajamas.
With blueberries.

So precious.

She didn’t ask me to do this, but you can check out her Etsy page here.
We love you, Joanna!