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Fallish Festivus


Everyone’s putting up their pumpkin patch/fall/Halloween pictures…. why not me?
I think fall has been the most beautiful season we’ve experienced here so far. As our friend Claire said, “The light’s just perfect, in a way it isn’t any other time of year.”

And the cold is finally justified.

Halloween’s just not a thing here, but one random farmer in some little village outside Prague knows that if he lays his pumpkins in the grass, adds some gourds & maize, and throws in a handful of farm animals, that the expats will come running.

And we did. A sweet little taste of America.

We brought home pumpkins to eat, pumpkins to carve & pumpkins to look at.

No canned pumpkin puree in the ole’ CZ, so we did it the old fashioned way.
Scooped-out pumpkin guts + water = a tactile wonderland.

Our findings from a treasure walk.

Foard enjoying his first coherent football season with David. I think they were flipping back & forth between the Tigers & the Dawgs.

I took the boys on a mid-week mini hike near our house.
Once you get the castles out of sight, it feels like you’re in the north Georgia mountains!

Later Sam found some discarded [chicken] eggs near a grocery store and asked if they were the ones from this nest. Maybe, Buddy, maybe.

“ummm.. guys… if someone would just stuff a granola bar in my mouth, that would be great…. I can’t really move here… guys? guys?”

3 thoughts on “Fallish Festivus

  1. Love that last pic of Foard, and man oh man Sam is looking older and taller in these last few posts. What are you feeding the boy?

  2. Love the pic of Foard and the pumpkin mess! So glad you guys are getting to experience Fall – love your decorating, Melissa!

  3. I am SOOO jealous of your leaves and YOUR HIKE >>>get out of here ! Way cool pics to someone who is STARVING for Fall with no sign of anything even close here in Guate ! Love to you all ~ enjoy that wonderland ~ wow ! beautiful ! Melinda Evans

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