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the hunts in prague

Joanna (Martha) Stewart

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I’ve been meaning to share a couple of cute pictures.
Our teammate Joanna is amazingly talented. You hand her a sweater, she makes a purse. You give her 24hours and she sews an antebellum dress for Halloween. You comment on a store window and she refinishes & recovers her dining room set. Etc, etc, etc.

For Foard’s first birthday, Joanna made him a precious toboggan from old tshirt thread. Perfect fit (though it’s on his head backwards in this shot), and just in time for October’s blustery days!

Then, she went au natural on us and tie-dyed Foard some pajamas.
With blueberries.

So precious.

She didn’t ask me to do this, but you can check out her Etsy page here.
We love you, Joanna!

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