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My Day with a Cowboy


I am the most spoiled mom in the world.
Thursdays are ‘boy time’ at my house, and I get the day to meet with people, take Czech lessons, catch up on church work, and explore the city.
Don’t hate me– I’ve already acknowledged the fact that I’m spoiled.

Last week, Sam asked me to bring Woody along for my day out, so I captured our adventure together.

Woody brushed up on his German while I learned Czech.
Smart guy. German’s probably much more useful around the world.

Studying the metro map.

Don’t worry, Woody. You’ll get over your escalator fears someday, just like I did.

Sweet Woody. He remembered that I had these flowers in my wedding bouquet and offered to buy me some. Too bad pretend money doesn’t work in the CR.

Our friend Talitha says that M&S petits pois are the best frozen peas out there.
She’s right.

Was this post ridiculous? Absolutely.
Were you glad to see pictures of something other than our (excruciatingly beautiful, chubby-faced) children? Probably so.

5 thoughts on “My Day with a Cowboy

  1. Never, I always love to see your chubby faced boys!!!

  2. I love that your escalator fear has been so relieved that you felt comfortable posing a toy and taking its picture while you are riding! God is good even in those little ways!

  3. You are the coolest mom I know…spoiled or not 🙂

  4. I was just thinking that I love Woody's expression when he thoughtfully wanted to buy you flowers–then I saw the petit pois shout out :)I am GLAD you are spoiled, it sounds like a good rest-rhythm in your week.xoxo.

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