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the hunts in prague

We May Not Have Jack Bauer….


…but Chuck Norris is no stranger to the Czech Republic.
Our friend, Amy, tipped us off to these.

[This first one portrays the traditional Christmas carp. From what we understand, you let ole Carpy swim in your bathtub for a couple of days, then you fish him out, terminate him, and serve him with potatoes.]

Here‘s the full article.

2 thoughts on “We May Not Have Jack Bauer….

  1. I died when I saw Chuck Norris on a T-Mobile poster on the metro. It's just amazing. And I love all of the jokes in the Prague Post article.

  2. Those are GREAT. I can't believe he's 70!! I'm also hoping to see your home video of the Christmas carp…Melissa, beating a fish to death with a mallett…priceless!!!

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