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the hunts in prague

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Saturday Morning Fun, Plus…

… a reminder of God’s grace to us over the last few months.

A few weeks ago Sam & I headed to some friends’ birthday party at cool play place. We expected it to be crowded and crazy, and Sam doesn’t love crowds in playground settings, so we kept our expectations low. But he loved it! He played by himself, he played with his friends, and I just sort of kept a general idea of what quadrant he was in.

I realized that 3 months ago, and especially 6 months ago, this never would have happened. Sam would have wanted to play, but the other kids would have freaked him out, and he would have melted down and fallen asleep on the way home. Thank God for grace that gets us closer and closer to normal!

Not sure how well this would have worked with passengers, but whatever.

“Hey Daddy, I’m in the dark!”
“Are you good?”
“Yes I’m having fun with all my latter (other) friends!”

Daddy’s favorite: the huge platters of French fries. Might go here for my next birthday.

Sam’s favorite: sitting next to Piper. He asked for help unwrapping his own cupcake, but then unwrapped Piper’s for her.

Daddy’s other favorite: watch how he keeps trying until he gets his leg up on this thing! Love it.


Snow Days

So… our first full winter is upon us.

Last year, what with the whole every-single-aspect-of-your-entire-existence-is-being-shaken thing, Sam wasn’t a huge fan of the snow. This year: another story.

Snowman #1 with Mommy.

Snowman #2 in progress. “Let’s make a HUUUUGE snowman!” It was big enough that I couldn’t pick up the bottom third.

We built one as tall as me. Which he promptly knocked down. This is the somewhat-shorter replacement.

But the pièce de résistance is our new sled ramp. It started as a simple mogul to get the sled going. Next week, weather permitting, I’m putting in steps and a snack bar.


Thanksgiving the Second

Our afternoon feast was followed by a team celebration at the Davises.’
We changed our clothes (Lady Gaga-style), hopped in the car and made room in our bellies for more deliciousness.
Talitha took several of these amazing pictures- I love how she captured the feel of our evening!

A new Hunt Family Favorite

Such self control!

Thanksgiving football.

Thanksgiving knitting.

Thanks, Team, for such a sweet first Thanksgiving in Prague!

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Thanksgiving the First

Our Thanksgiving was double-the-blessing, double-the-fun this year.
At noon we celebrated with a handful of friends from church– Amy, Beth, Bryan, Dennis, Kelsey & Thad
[Thanks, Hadleys, for letting me steal some of your shots!]

Amy’s pie cooling on her fourth-floor windowsill.
How Prague-ly picturesque!

Over the river and on the tram, to the Hunts’ house we go!

No fried turkey this year, but you can’t go wrong with Paula Deen!

It takes a village to whip the cream.

You know they’re sweet friends when they’re able to keep the little people out of the kitchen.

Who lays out the buffet on a toy chest?!

We even found a way (thanks, Laura!) to watch the parade online!

What? Where do you keep your turkey leftovers?


Children’s Ministry Madness

Just a few shots from children’s ministry at our church.

One Sunday Jake came up after leading worship and taught the kids a song…

… which they learned quickly and taught the congregation the very next Sunday.
Sam’s been very, uh, protective of Piper recently.
Enjoy the video.

One week I taught the big kids’ Sunday school class.
Foard was having a particularly hard day, so he joined us.

And a different evening, when I was in with the preschoolers.
Elisha, Sam, Sebastian, Simon & (sorry!) Piper.
Don’t they look thrilled?