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the hunts in prague

Fall Reflections


Since Sunday night we‘ve been covered in snow, but I thought I’d catch the blog up and reflect on the glorious warmth of Autumn.

The leaves in Prague were phenomenal. We had strong beautiful colors from midSeptember to midNovember. One lucky day we found a pile in Stromovka.

Mom & Foard are cool, too!

This building is just a block away from our flat… Sam started calling it a ‘tree house’ after he saw Swiss Family Robinson.

Big Boy Swing!

Why in the world would you put a picture of precious little piglets on a package of ham?

Heading to Sasha‘s robot birthday party– such fun!

Mosaic House Official Grand Opening Night.
The first time Jake wore his suit in over a year.

Sam and his plastic blue sunglasses.
Reunited and it feels so good….

Talitha‘s birthday party!

The aftermath of Talitha‘s birthday party!

We got to play with Piper for a couple of days while Phil & Shanna were pond-jumping.
Buzz Lightyear-style flying into the grocery store.

Why not turn the closet shelves into bunk beds?!

2 thoughts on “Fall Reflections

  1. i love how this is about 8 posts in one. nice. you are cool 🙂

  2. Hmmm…look at those scrumptious, pink pigs…YUM! I mean, does PETA have a problem with Prague?? First the Christmas carp, now this???Robot party = awesome.

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