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Children’s Ministry Madness


Just a few shots from children’s ministry at our church.

One Sunday Jake came up after leading worship and taught the kids a song…

… which they learned quickly and taught the congregation the very next Sunday.
Sam’s been very, uh, protective of Piper recently.
Enjoy the video.

One week I taught the big kids’ Sunday school class.
Foard was having a particularly hard day, so he joined us.

And a different evening, when I was in with the preschoolers.
Elisha, Sam, Sebastian, Simon & (sorry!) Piper.
Don’t they look thrilled?

4 thoughts on “Children’s Ministry Madness

  1. "protective" is not the word I would have used… she may have needed a protector. and the last pic looks like a preschool mug shot.

  2. how about "smitten"?mug shot or not–it's good to actually see some pics from children's church. hurrah.

  3. Here in America we call that "puttin' out the vibe." I can't believe they all knew that song so well after only one Sunday, kudos to the teacher.

  4. LOVE sam being 'protective' !! cutest thing ever

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