Blue Sky

the hunts in prague

Table Talk


A series of events left Foard & I at the dinner table alone tonight, so I thought I’d just give the blog a taste of our conversation.

Don’t be a hater of my badly-pronounced Czech “Merry Christmas” at the end.

5 thoughts on “Table Talk

  1. Celia and I just watched it! SO so cute! He looks like Sam but with your face shape. Ugh- can't wait to see y'all one day in person!

  2. aw, i miss sitting for dinner at that white table and chairs. i think i detected some wood bros in the background- way to stay true to your roots!

  3. I guess animals say the same thing in Czech?

  4. Oh my gosh, he's so cute!! And is it just me…or does he look wise beyond his years??

  5. oh man that is one cute kid! ALSO, enjoy the "Are you ef?" cup and Tyler says he can hear the wood bros. in the background. Feels like we're practically there.

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