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the hunts in prague

Hunt Visit: Touristing

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Dad and Paul were very brave to come for their first visit in the middle of winter. (Actually, we’re still in the first third. But don’t mention that to Melissa.) They were even braver in not letting the cold deter them from seeing our city.

Uncle Paul, in particular, became a transit pro.

The first day we took the crew up to Petřín, hoping to enjoy the view. It was minus 8 (or 18 degrees, for you Americans). Parenting fail, and thus photography fail.

Happily, the next day was a little warmer, but we still left the next generation of Hunt men at home with the Hunt woman.

Cheering up with some hot wine and the Christmas markets.

On their last day we took Dad & Paul to see Mosaic House. Sam was pretty excited to join the big boys at a restaurant. Even more so when he learned they had hot chocolate.

Stay tuned for more of our adventures…

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