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Christmas Creations


Christmas was a mix of emotions.
We can’t even begin to describe how much we missed being with friends & family– there were a couple of days I was ready to throw in the towel and declare it all impossible.
But we were really excited to spend our entire Christmas season at home. No long car rides, no packed suitcases. Just lots of family time and lots of new traditions.

Sam helped me make our new advent calendar. Such a studious artist!

Nothing like good ole imported brownies from a box.

Christmas incentive chart.
Notice the tiers of rewards: (indoor!) bubbles, chocolate milk, and (fake!) tattoo.

Many of our Christmas recipes called for ground sausage.
Hard to find in these parts.
SO– my chef-of-a-husband made his own! Impressive, eh?

We had (giant, tapered) candles for our church’s Christmas Eve service, but none of those hand/wax protectors.
Enter fire-phobic, somewhat-crafty, pastor’s wife.

Gingerbread house (using cardboard-like rice(?) crackers).

Christmas morning cinnamon rolls. Dee-lish.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Creations

  1. I just have to say that Sam looks like Jake so much. And I've never even seen Jake in a dinosaur costume. It looks like you guys had some great ways to celebrate Christmas. We miss you guys too and are very much looking forward to your visit in May.

  2. Hey guys- I enjoy checking in once in a while to see all your pictures and read a little about what's going on in your life over there! It looks like you made the most of your Christmas- fun!


  4. "Some-what" of a crafty, Mom…? Who you kiddin, Melissa?!?!?!!? These look great. And as much as that sausage picture makes me want to barf (not b/c of sausage but b/c it looks like he's holding a giant brain!)…I LOVE what you've done with your wall pictures in the background, around your little black cabinet. Well done! I always love to steal decor tips from you 🙂

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