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the hunts in prague

DinoPark: A Narrative


This is for the grandparents, the Jessica Deans, the Christy Robbs– those who are interested in hearing Sam talk for 3 minutes. He was being so detailed in telling me about it that I thought, “Some friends would like to hear this.”

As a side note, I was not on this adventure, but might go to DinoPark one day soon, whether or not Sam is with me.

6 thoughts on “DinoPark: A Narrative

  1. Is it weird that I've watching this twice since 5:30am, and told Shannon allllll about it as soon as she walked out of her bedroom from waking up???!!! Ha!! Love this, Love Sam. Love his sigh at the end from having to talk so long. "I think that's all I want to tell." I could watch Sam videos all day long.

  2. Cuttest thing ever. My favorite parts: Foard talking along with him for the first part and then at the end the big sigh. This makes me miss your family so much.

  3. Name of one who I am sure loves this video: Pam Downs. (Well, and Annie Downs, but you knew that.) 🙂

  4. ditto to all remarks…cutest Prague three year old I know. Making us miss he and his family Soo soo much.

  5. i L-O-V-E this! yes – my favorite thing – when sam is talking about the big cave and foard sigh's a big sigh. love it! in other news i love seeing pictures of big boy foard – it is so strange and cute and wonderful to see a little boy hunt without curly hair!

  6. i love sam's sigh too – and look out…former non-stop talker owen now tells me not to ask him any questions about how his day at school was…"it's a lot of work to answer all your questions."

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