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A year ago today was our church’s goodbye party for us in Charlotte.
It’s also the day our friend Aimee unexpectedly went to be with Jesus.

Aimee was a missionary kid, and we loved to hear her perspective on growing up on the field. She and Melissa were supposed to have a talk about life as a foreigner, education, all that stuff. We’ve wished many times this year we could have that talk.

At our condo in Charlotte we had a bathroom just off the den. For whatever the reason, Aimee, and only Aimee ALWAYS got locked in that bathroom any time she used it.
It got to the point that whenever she would go in, she’d make an announcement, and we’d all wait for her to jiggle the doorknob to signal her cry for help!

Aimee loved Sam. She babysat a few times; I remember one time we were reading when she got there, but he was very pleased to welcome this pretty new friend to the couch to take over the story! When we got home she told us they read book after book for over an hour before he went to bed. More than once, when she was at our house, we told ourselves we wouldn’t keep her up too long, figuring she would want to get to bed. But she stayed, talked & shared for hours.
Because she died when she did, we couldn’t grieve the way we should have. We left Charlotte two days later. We couldn’t go to the funeral– our memorial service was sitting on the floor at Dave & Mary’s one night with Jessica and Christy. Telling funny stories, crying, saying goodbye. To Aimee and to each other.
Because we’re half a world away, we grieve with our friends mostly through Facebook. We see people who knew her well talking about good memories and hard days. Every couple of months somebody finds a new picture or video. There are punch-in-the-gut moments: her name shows up when I’m getting numbers off my old phone, we see her in a picture from last year, something reminds us of that last week in Charlotte.
Partly because of growing up on the mission field, Aimee felt the ache of wanting to be home. Home home– not a certain house, but with Jesus, where all our stress and sickness and foreign-ness is over. We understand that longing better now than we did a year ago. Remembering Aimee, even feeling the weight of her early (to us) departure, reminds us that it’s a good thing. She has a home now, and we will soon enough. Until then, we work and love and ache and wait.
Come, Lord Jesus.

4 thoughts on “Aimee

  1. I clicked in "the google" reader hoping you guys wrote something… as usual, the Hunts come through. Remember how I threw the spaghetti everywhere? Foard was so little. And we all sat on the floor. There is so much that's a blur, but not the night with you guys and Christy. Wish we could all be together today. We are thinking of you and missing you.

  2. jd– I had the same thoughts (though didn't remember the spaghetti– HA!!) so I pulled up this post from that night:

  3. please post this to facebook and tag aimee. her mom would love to see this- written beautifully. i miss y'all. it is wierd to think that we tried so hard to find the perfect night to have the goodbye party at our place and of all nights it was that. in some ways its made dave and I feel like we didn't get to say goodbye to you the way we wished we had…the timing…..that morning the Lord gave the blessing of Melissa's presence so that I could just sprint out the door…..I'm thankful that you are creating community in Prague that invites this type of intimate friendship. I'm encouraged by your obedience to leave when it wasn't easy to. what a gift you are to the kingdom-love to all the hunts!!

  4. I read this yesterday while my assistant was reading to my class. I had been, "ok" until that point, then I lost it. My kids heard me burst into tears and I had to quickly get it together. I cherish that time we had, I needed that night to process, and because of it, was free from some fears and worries that I may not have been released from had it not been for our conversation. Besides JD's spill, some of my favorites of that night…our group picture, melissa's hand placement for the picture, and in Jake's rawness…hearing him say some choice words that I had never heard from him before 😉 I too longed for ya'll to be here this week. Thanks for this.

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