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Addicted to Prague

So… we’ve been here over a year and there are a lot of things I can’t imagine going without now.

Rohlíky– small baguette-shaped loaves of bread that sell for about 5cents in every grocery store.
Kids over here start chewing on them before they have teeth– sort of like the equivalent of graham crackers or Cheerios in the States. My first thought– “Why on earth would you give your kid a loaf of French bread to chew on? Haven’t these people ever heard of a carb overload?”
But now I love them because, like Cheerios, a kid can much on them in the grocery cart, but unlike Cheerios, there’s no risk of them scattering all over the floor of the store. Brilliant. We also like to slice them crossway and make mini pb&js.

Account Transfers
I haven’t written a check since 2009.
Most people use cash for everything here, but for large amounts (school tuitions, language lessons, other activities), the institution just gives your their bank account number, you plug it in online, and -viola- the money is theirs. So much simpler than hassling with paper.
See, look how happy this guy is!

Motorky– little plastic bikes.
There comes a point when a kid is too big for the stroller but lacks the stamina to get around town at any decent rate of speed.
Enter the motorka. Sam got one for his third birthday and rode it constantly until his knees started to drag the ground. He’s fast, and it made getting to the store, the church, anywhere a breeze last summer. And it was fun to see his endurance skyrocket as his legs got stronger and stronger.

Foard has a blue one now and is gaining speed. We’ll be whizzing through the city again in no time!

Public Transportation
I (HEART) public transportation in Prague, and we have three options here:
Busses ….

the metro….

and trams (my favorite!)

Most of our routes use a combination of the three. I love being able to see new things and navigate new areas when I’m on a line. I love the chance to read or just zone out (when I’m childless). And I really love the lack of parking hassles and sense big-city-life that comes with riding with a bunch of strangers.
We did end up getting a car last year– the ‘commute’ to & from Sam’s school can be cut from 90minutes to 18minutes if we’re on our own, but I’m always on public anytime I leave our corner of the city.

Bačkory— slippers/house shoes.
I used to loathe the Czech practice of taking off our shoes– before we enter a house, a school, a sokol (gym!), etc. More on that in another post.
But now that I’ve embraced it, I can also embrace my ugly-as-sin green IKEA fake Crocs.
They are honestly the most comfortable shoes I own, and if you come visit us, you’re sure to see them.

There will always be things we miss, though.
Jake surprised me with this stash on our one-year Czechiversary 🙂


Christmas Morning!

Back to catching up with three months of delayed posting.
It was wonderful to be in our own home on Christmas morning.

Our bright & lively Christmas crew.

The descent downstairs. Watch for :42 and :59 when each of the boys see what’s under the tree.

Some other sweet treats:
Slinky from Nene (and a couple to stash away, because everyone knows the life expectancy of a Slinky).

What? Your Buzz Lightyear has other modes of transportation?

Skyping with the Alligood clan

Wall decor!

Sweet votives Sam chose for me.

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Conquering Castles

One Saturday morning we took at quick trip to Okoř (Oh-koorz)– there’s a castle there that was built in the 1300s and lots of great space for running, riding bikes & being out in ‘the nature.’

Christy (our Egyptian ‘refugee’) was still with us, and Sam enjoyed exploring the ruins with her.

Sam & Piper always enjoy sharing a snack.

Clark is so sweet with Foard.

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Love is in the Air

We’re always looking for excuses to celebrate–
Valentine’s Day came just in time!

I made this doily hat as a joke for Jake, but when I showed it to Sam he said, “Ohhh, Mommy, he’s going to be so happy!” He was.

Christy helped us celebrate before she went back to Egypt.
Mmmmm. Strawberry shortcake!

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International Women’s Day

Sorry that the posting’s been sporadic. There’s just so much to post, it’s hard to even begin.
So, in the meantime, read this.

I’m tempted to link to almost every post of the Myhres’– they all punch me in the gut, remind me of heaven, and realign my perspective on everything.
And this one reminds me to be thankful, of my mom, my grandmothers, my inlaws, my best friend, my prayer warriors… thank you for everything I’ve watched you do & be!