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the hunts in prague

Christmas Morning!


Back to catching up with three months of delayed posting.
It was wonderful to be in our own home on Christmas morning.

Our bright & lively Christmas crew.

The descent downstairs. Watch for :42 and :59 when each of the boys see what’s under the tree.

Some other sweet treats:
Slinky from Nene (and a couple to stash away, because everyone knows the life expectancy of a Slinky).

What? Your Buzz Lightyear has other modes of transportation?

Skyping with the Alligood clan

Wall decor!

Sweet votives Sam chose for me.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Morning!

  1. yay! It's Christmas all over again! I cracked up at Foard's ad lib on the video…and Sam was so sweet, "I'll ride it when I'm bigger". Sweet Christmas morning…

  2. I love hearing Sam's voice, even more now that I haven't heard him in a few weeks. xo

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