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the hunts in prague

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Home Sweet Home Away From Home

Our time in Charlotte was so very refreshing.
People that we’ve loved for so many years now breathed a lot of life into us in ten short days.
We didn’t realize how much we’ve missed the deep friendships that are Charlotte, and it was easy to slip right back into ‘normal’ life with them again.

The Kulps were our abundantly gracious hosts again, and when we arrived at their house, this out-of-control pile of deliciousness greeted us in the kitchen. Several families stocked us up with tasty treats that we missed, and indulgences we would never buy ourselves (Hello, Trader Joe’s granola bars. You’ve ruined me.)

The boys had so much fun with three live-in ‘sisters’ to play with all day every day. And with the Garrisons just across the street, it was playmate heaven.

We got to see Mary do her music thing on Sunday…

…and Dave do his yard thing twice. I am floored at the speed with which he conquers his yard every weekend.

Current and former thumb-suckers made up the majority in this house. You’re outnumbered, Sam

Mary helped us throw a last-minute Prague Info Dessert so we could connect with more of our sweet church family.

What would we do without you, sweet friends?

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First Stop: Dutcherville

We drove just a little north of Atlanta to see the Dutchers–
Shawn, Kathryn, Corbin, Isaac & McKay treated us to delicious meals, a day trip to Sharp Top and even a ducky derby!

Two dorm mates + fifteen years = look what we have become!

Amsterdam tea waffles… and trying to get our boys into the Royal Wedding

Reacquainting Sam with the sun. We don’t see too much of it in Prague.

Sand and water make for happy little brothers.

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Takeoff & Landing

[You know you’re going to get more details than you ever wanted about our visit to the States, right? As long as that’s clear… 🙂]

We couldn’t have asked for a better departure or flight.
Thank you, Lord!

Sam & his backpack were ready at least 3 hours before we left the house.

Is that our plane? Is that one? That one?

You mean you want me to stare at this screen, only inches from my face, for eight hours??

Dream child.

My parents were prepared for Jet Lag Challenge with late-night snacks, early morning baking, lots of reading, and Pirate Put-Put.

And we returned the favor by letting Ooh-la-lah’s friends oogle all over us…. a tough sacrifice, really.

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Final Countdown

The week before we left for the States was a busy one.

Bittersweet farewells to (the majority of) our community group….

…and capping off that night with Win Lose or Draw!

Egg decorating with friends

The (official) Most Beautiful Easter Sunrise Service on Earth

The Shanna-thon (yes, she ran a marathon by herself… woot woot!)

One last run with early morning friends

New strawberry plants & gorgeous flowering trees in our yard

And, of course, the random Sam-led Craft o’ the Week
(snowshoes inspired by Curious George)




Hello, sweet readers.

Not sure if you’re even still out there.
We promise to catch up soon.
We leave the States and head back to Prague on Monday.
Pray for us!
I’m thinking jet lag recovery might lend itself well to catch-up blogging.
And we have plenty to blog about.
Thanks for your patience.