Blue Sky

the hunts in prague


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We got to spend our first week at the beach with the Alligoods– it was soooo great to hug their necks again.

There was lots of sweet Pammie time…

…Papa time…

…Auntie time…

…Cousin time…

…Nene time…

…and family time.

[and we got to meet Mike, too!]

Our house was gorgeous…

…and we were lucky(?) enough to be at the beach at the height of horseshoe crab mating season. For a couple of days, they were everywhere.

[Pammie shows no fear.]

We love and miss you already, Cora, Celia, Kelsey, Lauren, Mike, Pam, Ken & Nene!

One thought on “Alli-goodness!

  1. That house is unreal! I am so glad you guys got some good relaxing time there. I also love the meal pic with all of the sweet tea. We've been in GA for 3 days, and I've already drank more than a year's worth of sweet tea. I'm sure yall did the same while you were here!

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