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the hunts in prague


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A few more shots of Charlotte.
We picked up right where we left off with the Dirks.
Games of ‘lemonade stand’…


…and lots of snacks. This isn’t a great picture, but I loved seeing Foard sit at this table, where Sam has eaten and laughed so many times over the last four years!

Dirks… won’t you PLEASE move to Prague? Life just isn’t a much fun when you’re so far away.

We discovered double seaters at the HT…

…enjoyed the obligatory IceDream after a DrBall visit full of shots…

..and even got to hang out with our old playgroup one afternoon!

We also got to journey down to Gaffney to see the Webers, meet their sweet Annalise, catch up with their church there, and have a fun sleepover at their house! We took a fun group picture at their house with the McCanns (which I, of course, can’t find), and it was unreal to see how our families have grown since we all started seminary in 2004– from six to fourteen!

Thanks, Webers– it always feels like home with you!

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