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the hunts in prague


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My amazing husband turned 30 while we were in the States!
We called it “The Thirtieth Birthday of Music & Love”–lots of concerts, lots of family time.

We kicked off the celebrations in Charlotte when we saw his favorite band, The Wood Brothers, at our favorite venue, the Visualite, with one of our favorite Charlotteans, Jessica Dean.
Abigail Washburn opened– it was fabulous.

We were excited to be at the beach with the Alligoods on May 17th, and the birthday boy woke up to a breakfast of sausage gravy & biscuits– not bad!

We celebrated again with the Nashes… this time with steaks, bocci ball, and a chocolate Guinness cake.

But the piece de resistance happened after we came home.
Our kids stayed in Praha while the two of us(Thanks, Davises!) enjoyed a 10hour-round-trip overnight journey to Stuttgart, Germany, for another concert.

Have we been in a car for 10hours sans kids since 2007? Nope.
It was fabulous. Conversation, more conversation, beautiful scenery.
And my feeble attempts to capture the ‘feel’ of the road trip.
Like this:
Wow– Germans build really nice bridges.

“Wow– Germans build really nice windmills.”

And trying, multiple times, to photograph this gem that appeared at every exit:

AHA! Finally got it.

HA! I’m just immature. And it’s just funny. You know it is.

Woo hoo– we made it!

Studgart was cool, especially once we found the store that sold Frosted Flakes! Caesar Dressing! and OREOS!!!!

A tasty birthday kebab… (this one’s for you, Achim!)

The metro stop closest to our destination wasn’t open, so we walked through the largest parking lot in Europe….

…and finally made it.
Mercedes sponsors an entire complex there, and our concert was in a small ampitheater carved into the hill under the Mercedes museum. Very cool.

At long last, the Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi band.
They. Were. Amazing.

Happy Birthday, Jake.
You are the most wonderful, sacrificial, loving, Godly, talented man I know– thanks for letting me come along for the ride!

One thought on “Milestone

  1. so fun. i need to keep celebrating my 30th birthday all year too. can you email me that picture at the concert?

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