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Super Simon Weekend


Our friends, the Ilinčevs, celebrated their tenth anniversary this weekend (woot woot!)
We had the priviledge of hanging out with their oldest, Simon, while they were gone, and had a blast!!!

We went for a hike & creek time in Šárka, a gorgeous park near us. This place reminds me so much of the woods where I grew up, and we could’ve stayed all day.

Bike roads & ‘spiderwebs’ are a favorite.

[Yes– we were spotting him!]

For the few hours we were home, the Legos came out and the creating commenced. Simon worked all weekend on a spectacular house, and was proud to take some pictures when he finished.

The Ilincev’s left us with a ton of amazing fruits & veggies from a farm they recently visited. Needless to say, we’ve eaten like kings this weekend (including the Weekend MVP: pb&j minis)

A highlight: Okoř— a gorgeous old castle we frequently visit. This was the first time we were able to go inside and explore. It’s a climbing boy’s dream!!!

We played hard. And we slept even harder.

Thanks for hanging out with us, Simon! We had such a sweet time with you!

2 thoughts on “Super Simon Weekend

  1. love it when your white kitchen table shows up in the blog. the curls on those boys are too much! the corn shot is my favorite.

  2. That was me 7 years ago.

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