Blue Sky

the hunts in prague


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Our last week at the beach was Nash Week.

Thirteen of us…

…and another fabulous house.

S’mores ala Grampa & Ooh-la-la

KITES + PELICANS = Roaring good times!

Reptile Farm!

Pirate Bill’s Annual Treasure Hunt. Arrrrrrgh!

Boys’ Tickle Fest…

…and subsequent collapse.

Endless beach time.

One giant Uno game.

24 fans: This is where I saw ‘President Allison Taylor.’

Sitting right here, on this bench, in the middle of Edisto Island.

Beach Bling

We did a LOT of eating.

Sam & Foard think it’s awesome that they have reading cousins!

It’s not many grandmas who will teach you how to shoot…

Thanks for the sweet memories, Austin, Annina, Sydney, Melissa, Andrew, Peter, Grandma, Mom & Dad– we love you all!

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