Blue Sky

the hunts in prague



We celebrated Foard’s second birthday this weekend!

First, a little party with some of his littlest friends at the playground.

The cake? Chips! Foard’s favorite pastime.
[Like the bike helmet?]

Birthday pancakes.

Birthday family time.

[More chips!]

And a final birthday bash with our sweet church/team family.
[And even more chips!]

By this time, the birthday boy knew exactly who we were singing for!

We love you so very very much, sweet Foarder!

4 thoughts on “Two-Riffic!

  1. cutest birthday cake EVER!!!

  2. LOVE the cake!!! so so cute – happy happy birthday to the big boy!

  3. I can't believe that boy is 2!!! Big hugs and kisses to him…and yes a great cake indeed.

  4. Can't believe that Foard is already 2 years old. That's about the age that Sam and Ella first met! Happy Birthday Foard!

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