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the hunts in prague

Clearing Out the Closet


Just a few pictures that have been sitting in my ‘flagged’ folder forever.

This is the way we rolled for much of our first year in Prague. Foard in the stroller, Sam on the wheel-board, and me, pushing it all from behind.
Sam really got into picking flowers for me, ‘the only girl in our family,’ and it was sweet to see those little bouquets as I pushed their ever-increasing weight up the hill to our flat.

Showers: a fun alternative to bath time.

A couple of outtakes from our Christmas picture…

…aaand the one I forced in bad lighting. Long story.

Sam’s friend, Fabian, broke his leg skiing last winter. So Sam signed his cast. Awesome.

Slumber Party!!!

We tried to take a fun picture on Christmas Eve. But we couldn’t get past the awkward hand placement or the glowing green house shoes. So we quit after this one.

Did I mentioned that we went skiing last winter? These boys hit the slopes more than one weekend!

New laundry basket!

More winter sportage– ice skating with our friends the Šafařiks.

A short hike from our flat bring us to this overlook and the Baba monument. A random wall corner with a couple of windows, but a neat place for pictures.

3 thoughts on “Clearing Out the Closet

  1. Love the peeks into your life…and the green house shoes 🙂

  2. love this post and the Christmas photo cracks me up!

  3. This is a fun post-great picture at that wall with the windows. Also I like the awkwardness of the Christmas photo 🙂 Praying for you guys!

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