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Just a Few More!

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A few last shots from our trip to the States…. I can’t resist!

Hooray for bikes!

Foard’s favorite holiday activity– snacking next to the body of water that everyone else was swimming in.

Brotherly love…. or covert torturing?

I think our SuperDad built at least a thousand sandcastles during our three weeks at the beach.

This boy is fearless when it comes to anything crawling on him. I love it. See the crab?

[Me praying for Jake to be called to plant a church at the beach 🙂]

Laaaaaid back….

This is Mia– her mom, Julie, is my oldest friend (since second grade!!!)
Whod’ve thought one day our kids would be riding in the backseat together?!?!

If you’re from Atlanta, you know the Stone Mountain Laser Show…. and how much of a cultural experience it is!
Jake’s favorite part– the horses being outlined (and subsequent sword breakage).

A love/hate relationship with those fireworks.

Sam got Legos for his birthday– bring on the creations… and explanations!

Whew. Finally done. Now we can get caught up on what’s happened since June!

One thought on “Just a Few More!

  1. That is my favorite part to Jake, but I also love the devil went down to GA bit. The last pic is awesome of you Melissa!

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