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the hunts in prague


Fun in a Halloween-less Land

Sam designed our pumpkin and we couldn’t resist carving it last weekend.

Unfortunately, after three days in Berlin, our jack o’lantern missed us too much and threw in the towel. Hmmmmm…..

Soooo…. we carved the little one. Pumpkin 2.0.

But Foard was (understandably) scared of that one (“I don’ like it! I don’ like it!”), so we turned it around and went for Pumpkin 2.1

The Big Night finally came and we were soooo excited!
Prague doesn’t do Halloween (yet!), but we’re lucky enough to have some sweet American friends closeby who were excited for trick-or-treaters.

First stop: The Reigls.’
Sadly, Bentley the Dog was sound asleep.

Next stop: Talitha, Christina & Rachel’s flat.
[Yes, Talitha was dressed like a flapper. No, it didn’t have anything to do with Halloween.]
In the shot on the right, you can see our adult ‘costumes’: Sam handed Jake a crayon on the way out the door and pronounced him a ‘writer/draw-er/pastor.’ I was a true-to-life person wishing I were at the beach.

Next up: Jessica’s. She treated us to her first-ever (mouth-watering) batch of homemade cookies…

….and the best treats of all– a whole bag of toilet paper rolls!
[This lady has obviously spent some time in our house.]

Lots of stairs in these buildings make the candy even sweeter!

Final stop: the Kenneys,’ where we got to trick-or-treat at every door!

Candy + Friends + Bob Time = can’t lose.

Back home after a fabulous evening…. and you know it’s Halloween when you’re dressed like a stagehand.

[Alternate caption: Sam and his MiniMe puppet.]
[Second Alternate caption: Beatnik Revival]