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the hunts in prague

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More Odds & Ends

A few more random shots from the last several months.

After watching a Curious George episode, Sam had some questions about sewing.
So we made a brown stuffed wolf.
(I remember it as thirty precious minutes of cuddling)

Fun trip to the aviation museum with Laura’s crew!

Cleaning up and moving Talitha into her new flat.

Love this one from just last week.
Sam (right), our neighbor Frantisek (left), and Simon translating between them.

This one’s actually really old– from last year’s toddler music class.
But I love that these little people represent four nationalities:
Great Britian, Austrian, Chinese & American!

Hottie preacher.

When in Europe…


With Sam in school most days, I’m loving my sweet mornings with my littlest man!

Post swim class.
I don’t know Czech for, “My children are hiding in the lockers!” so seconds after I snapped this shot they almost put an old lady in the hospital when she tried to hang her coat up. Oh dear.

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In August a dream came true.

Jessica Forbes made it to Prague– and all of Europe rejoiced!

She got to live with us while she looked for a place of her own, and we were so so so SO excited to have her under our roof.
[Seriously– one of the easiest houseguests of all time.]

We were sad to see her go, but are still so excited about getting her settled here.
These people from our church moved her in.
Five suitcases. Eight flights of stairs.
Done & done.

We’re so glad you’re here, friend! Our lives are already better because you’re in them again!

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Look, Ma! No Hands!

A highlight of our summer was getting grown-up bikes with kid seats.
Mine was the fruit of multiple Christmas & birthday gifts, and Jake’s was a hand-me-down from the sweet Syvertsens. We’re so thankful.
It’s really added a fun element to our afternoons and weekends, it’s fabulous for taking kids to school, and we’ve even ventured into heavy traffic for the occasional adventurous errand!

Here are just two shots from our first bike date night.
Phil & Shanna introduced us to a fabulous ride by the river, into a village, up some hills (ughh!) and over to one of our favorite cafes.

Next summer we’ll try mid-day dates so we won’t have to ride home in the dark!

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Home Grown

We had such a fun summer discovering and cooking with food from our neighborhood.
From a distance these look like cherries…

but they’re tiny plums. The red ones are from our garden and the yellow ones from a park down the street.

I used them for plum bread and (my favorite) tart plum butter. Mmmm!

For the second year in a row we discovered these tiny green grapes sneaking over from our neighbor’s yard. We didn’t have the patience for raisins, but they were a nice snack!

The summer also brings gazillions of apples all over the place–
(Yes. Apples. In the summer. Because sometimes July feels like October. But I digress.)
— Sam’s skolka garden, up and down our street, playgrounds everywhere. I honestly believe the best ones are from the Davises’ yard.

And wait till you hear how Robin Hood this is.
There’s a beautiful old church in our neighborhood with a massive cemetary. One day we were exploring the area around it and came across a sign strung between two trees. The only word we understood on the sign was ‘Pozor!’ (Caution! Watch out! Beware!), so we backed away, but notice what-looked-like three file cabinets set randomly in the trees behind the church.
My thoughts: Either lost Communist manifestos (one can only hope!)
A beekeeper’s sanctuary.

Fast-forward to our neighborhood Christmas market last weekend.
I saw this sign:

Honey from Pastor Andrew
and these jars with a picture of the church!

So cool. And the honey is delicious.


Ich bin ein Berliner …. Is That Dunkin’ Donuts?!

Jake and several members of our team attended a conference in Berlin for church planters.
We tagged along and took advantage of the opportunity to get out of Prague and explore the city with the Davises and the Hunters, our WHM team in Vienna.

Three moms, eight kids. Busy and fun!

Lego Land!
A highlight and someplace we’ll look forward to visiting again.
Lego rides, Lego 3-D movie, Lego building, Lego sculptures. It was everything we dreamed of and more.

[Our second trip through the Lego ride…. my peeps were ready for the fire-breathing dragon this time, and I was caught on camera in my natural state.]

The Berlin Zoo & Aquarium. Really really beautiful.

Wiped out.

Berlin offers a lot of sights & tastes we miss, especially Dunkin’ Donuts!

The last outing from our trip almost needs its own blog post.
Beautiful blue waters? Green rainforest? Were we in the Bahamas?

Nope– Tropical Islands. The World’s Largest Indoor Water Park!

The whole thing is enclosed in this giant airship hangar– one of the largest buildings in the world! Insane. A little creepy. And totally awesome. Read more about it here.

[…and that’s where my pictures end, because cameras and water parks don’t mix.]

We’re so thankful that we had time away in the middle of this busy semester!