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the hunts in prague

Ich bin ein Berliner …. Is That Dunkin’ Donuts?!


Jake and several members of our team attended a conference in Berlin for church planters.
We tagged along and took advantage of the opportunity to get out of Prague and explore the city with the Davises and the Hunters, our WHM team in Vienna.

Three moms, eight kids. Busy and fun!

Lego Land!
A highlight and someplace we’ll look forward to visiting again.
Lego rides, Lego 3-D movie, Lego building, Lego sculptures. It was everything we dreamed of and more.

[Our second trip through the Lego ride…. my peeps were ready for the fire-breathing dragon this time, and I was caught on camera in my natural state.]

The Berlin Zoo & Aquarium. Really really beautiful.

Wiped out.

Berlin offers a lot of sights & tastes we miss, especially Dunkin’ Donuts!

The last outing from our trip almost needs its own blog post.
Beautiful blue waters? Green rainforest? Were we in the Bahamas?

Nope– Tropical Islands. The World’s Largest Indoor Water Park!

The whole thing is enclosed in this giant airship hangar– one of the largest buildings in the world! Insane. A little creepy. And totally awesome. Read more about it here.

[…and that’s where my pictures end, because cameras and water parks don’t mix.]

We’re so thankful that we had time away in the middle of this busy semester!

2 thoughts on “Ich bin ein Berliner …. Is That Dunkin’ Donuts?!

  1. Okay…whoah, whoah, whoah…how does this place have "artificial sun"? as Wikipedia states. And it has a camping ground inside?! crazy.Oh, I bet you were REJOICING over Dunkin Donuts. I want to and I live down the road from one.We saw the Legoland on Amazing Race the other night. You guys are having so many great adventures!

  2. I ditto the creepy aspect, enclosed tropical area seems a bit terrarium-esque, but I bet it was tons of fun!

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