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Home Grown

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We had such a fun summer discovering and cooking with food from our neighborhood.
From a distance these look like cherries…

but they’re tiny plums. The red ones are from our garden and the yellow ones from a park down the street.

I used them for plum bread and (my favorite) tart plum butter. Mmmm!

For the second year in a row we discovered these tiny green grapes sneaking over from our neighbor’s yard. We didn’t have the patience for raisins, but they were a nice snack!

The summer also brings gazillions of apples all over the place–
(Yes. Apples. In the summer. Because sometimes July feels like October. But I digress.)
— Sam’s skolka garden, up and down our street, playgrounds everywhere. I honestly believe the best ones are from the Davises’ yard.

And wait till you hear how Robin Hood this is.
There’s a beautiful old church in our neighborhood with a massive cemetary. One day we were exploring the area around it and came across a sign strung between two trees. The only word we understood on the sign was ‘Pozor!’ (Caution! Watch out! Beware!), so we backed away, but notice what-looked-like three file cabinets set randomly in the trees behind the church.
My thoughts: Either lost Communist manifestos (one can only hope!)
A beekeeper’s sanctuary.

Fast-forward to our neighborhood Christmas market last weekend.
I saw this sign:

Honey from Pastor Andrew
and these jars with a picture of the church!

So cool. And the honey is delicious.

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  1. Yummy=adventure+taste!

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