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the hunts in prague

More Odds & Ends

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A few more random shots from the last several months.

After watching a Curious George episode, Sam had some questions about sewing.
So we made a brown stuffed wolf.
(I remember it as thirty precious minutes of cuddling)

Fun trip to the aviation museum with Laura’s crew!

Cleaning up and moving Talitha into her new flat.

Love this one from just last week.
Sam (right), our neighbor Frantisek (left), and Simon translating between them.

This one’s actually really old– from last year’s toddler music class.
But I love that these little people represent four nationalities:
Great Britian, Austrian, Chinese & American!

Hottie preacher.

When in Europe…


With Sam in school most days, I’m loving my sweet mornings with my littlest man!

Post swim class.
I don’t know Czech for, “My children are hiding in the lockers!” so seconds after I snapped this shot they almost put an old lady in the hospital when she tried to hang her coat up. Oh dear.

One thought on “More Odds & Ends

  1. ha I love it all! So witty, so cute.

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