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the hunts in prague


Community Group

Our weekly community group has become one of our favorite parts of Prague.
It’s overwhelming to even write that, because in September 2010 I sent a teary email to many of you saying, “Please pray for us… we’re supposed to be hosting a small group for our church and for two weeks noone has showed up!”

Now we get to see a group of 15-20 amazing people in our home each week– some Czechs, some expats, some Christians, some not. We eat (a lot), learn about the Bible, pray for each other, and have more than the occasional game night.

Sometimes there just aren’t enough chairs….

Hanging on Jake’s every word… 🙂

Praying ladies huddled in the bedroom- Irynka, Rachel, Sarah & Martina

Summer intern, Cody, with his good-bye pile of koláče.

Ok, so this is from Katy’s farewell dinner, but you get the idea.

Honduras night– Junior produced & directed

Our boys love community group, for more than one reason.

Our new semester of community group just started last night. As always, we have new faces & new routines to welcome in, and this semester we’ll be sharing our personal stories. Please pray for trust & vulnerability with each other, and that we’ll see the Gospel understood & applied to all of our lives in new ways.
Thank you, Lord, for the blessing that is this sweet group of friends!