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Feeling the Love

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Happy Valentine’s Day!
Sam woke up to see our table adorned in pink, and asked, “Is Valentimes for boys, too?”
It’s true. We just don’t see a lot of this color in our house.

Don’t miss my gorgeous yellow tulips in the corner! I have quite the cupid.

Most of Hunt Valentine’s Day 2012 was brought to us by Pammie. Cookie cutters, cards, pencils, muffin wrappers– what fun– thank you thank you, Pammie!
VDay isn’t really celebrated around here, so nothing was happening at Sam’s school. But he was excited to take Spiderman gifts to his friends, so take them he did. It pays to have a TCK in your class!

Cookie decorating. We used a new recipe out of the famous orange book.
[Which I can’t link to here because I’ve suddenly been blocked from Amazon… any other expats having this problem?]

Obligatory two-year-old Dumping of the Sprinkles, and the delightful result.

Traditional Valentine’s stegosaurus.

Jake’s masterpiece. Shark Week even thought it was worth a mention.

The runners-up.
[That’s purple, not gray. Don’t call it gray]

Hope you had a love-ly day as well!

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