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the hunts in prague

Christmas Day


At 27months(!) Foard was more than ready to move out of his crib, which meant a mini-makeover for the boys’ room.
It’s never easy for a mom to see that crib come down, though (can I get an ‘Amen’?)

Their new bunk beds were waiting when they came downstairs Christmas morning. They hopped right in and stayed there for 30 minutes!

Jake put the beds together not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES (they moved from the garage to the den to the boys’ room) so that they could be a surprise on Christmas morning.
(Here he is taking a well-deserved break between constructions #2 and 3.)

We were so excited to spend Christmas weekend with Jessica. It was fun to share the wrapping, building and cooking with her, and to make our own new traditions in the process!


Transformers miss their family, too.
My favorite picture of this year’s holiday.

The Hadleys came over and made the afternoon even better!
Here Dennis shows off their Hunt-boy-made Christmas scape.
What exquisite design.

This is what it looks like to get the preacher to church on time on Christmas Day.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Day

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  2. Amen! And awesome pictures.

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