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Kelsey! Thanksgiving!

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About a million years ago, Jake’s amazing sister, Kelsey, came to visit us.
It was such a HUGE privilege to show her our life here, we were so honored that she flew all the way over to see us!

Sometimes you have to mix fashion with practicality.

According to their family, Kelsey’s been an avid Oreo fan since she was little. So it seemed fitting that Oreos made their debut in Prague the week that she was here. (Side note: since their arrival, there’ve been billboards all over town encouraging the locals to dunk these strange new sandwich cookies in….. milk! Love it!)
This one’s for you, Pancake Pammie!
Kelsey also won Most Helpful Visitor Ever, as she was integral in our hosting of Thanksgiving dinner for 20 people. Thank you, sister!
Prepping pecan pie filling & homemade crust.
WonderJake did it again, this time frying TWO turkeys to perfection.
His shenanigins were a great conversation starter with our neighbors, who neither celebrate American Thanksgiving nor have ever heard of smažený krůtí
Creating Pinterest-worthy centerpieces
Thankful Tree
Topping my list of things I am thankful for: All the little old ladies who gave us (what I thought was) excessive amounts of dinnerware at our wedding showers. We used every piece.
That’s a latta wine. And a latta cleanup.

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