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the hunts in prague

Z Prahy do Londýna


We needed a vacation.

We have sweet friends, the Wallises, in London.
Lots of touristy stuff:
The London Eye
‘Bunk’ Busses (aka Double Deckers)
Changing of the Guard at Horse Guards (Buckingham’s stable).
This one’s for you, Carrie. Prince William & Princess Kate leaving Westminster Abby.
I know. The similarity is uncanny.

Our favorite thing: The Borough Market
[PS– You know you’ve been in a cultural rut when British food makes your heart pound. No offense, London, you’re just not known for cuisine. But we’ve been in Bohemia a long time.]
Andrew & Daniel read to our boys before bed every night. Precious.
Fish & Chips
Princess Diana Memorial Gardens.
Best. Playground. EVER.
Jake’s personal field trip to see Bunhill Fields. Christian heros like John Bunyan, John Owen & Isaac Watts are buried there.
Navigating a transit system in English? Give me a real challenge.
Krispy Kreme??? Krispy Kreme!!!
Thank you, England, for knowing that we just can’t wrap our heads around this other-side-of-the-road driving, and almost die every time we cross the street.
One of my favorite signs. At least they’re realistic about it.
Heart-pounding for me? Being in the same city as the upcoming Olympics for the second time in my life! (I’m an Olympic nerd… remember this?)
Thank you thank you thank you to the Wallises for opening your home, refreshing conversations and sweet family times. We hope to see your faces in Prague very soon!

5 thoughts on “Z Prahy do Londýna

  1. We LOVED having y'all here!! Such a fun time! Hoping to make it to Prague, but running out of time!

  2. Looks like so much fun! We are headed to London this summer-so we will have to check out some of the places you recommended 🙂

  3. I love how the transportation element of your international travels are not even blog-worthy anymore. "Grab your kids, a bag, skip over a couple of countries…ain't no thang."

  4. I want to go! Awesome post. You guys did incredible things!

  5. How did you ever manage to snag a pic of William and Kate? You guys have all the luck.

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