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Never a dull moment (we wouldn’t mind one)

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This week we found out there’s an issue with Melissa’s visa, similar to the problem we had with the boys’ in the spring. Fortunately, this time we found out about it and have time to at least let the authorities know we’re trying to obey the rules and get it straightened out.

If you get our email updates you’ve heard the basics, and I’d prefer not to leave them lying around on the internet. But please do pray daily that this will work out quickly and easily.

We have a meeting Monday with a visa attorney and our visa assistant. Please pray that the attorney will know the right steps to take that get this resolved. Pray for the government employee(s) who have authority over this to see that we’ve acted in good faith and to be sympathetic, and pray for a good and lasting solution.

Since emailing our friends and supporters yesterday, we’ve had tons of emails letting us know people are praying. This means the world to us. Thanks, and please keep it up!

One thought on “Never a dull moment (we wouldn’t mind one)

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