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the hunts in prague


Back into the real world


Our unexpected-and-sudden, eh, “sabbatical” in the States meant that this was officially the longest summer of our lives: 4 months! (Oh yeah, and we had a baby at the end of it.)

Now we’re ready to start a new year and a new version of real life for our family. The boys start school tomorrow, Sam in Czech public kindergarten and Foard at an international preschool. Jake returns to work after paternity leave, and the ladies start to work on building a routine.

Please pray for us as we get rolling– that the boys will do great in school, that we’ll have new friendships that lead to new chances to share the Gospel, that we’ll be patient with ourselves as we adjust to more busy-ness, and that that this year will be filled with new opportunities to love and serve our God. (And don’t forget to pray for our visa excitement, too.)

We know many of you are doing the same thing this week, and hope your fall gets off to a great start too!