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Easter is a big deal if you’re a Christian because Jesus is alive. (Still!) Easter is also a big deal if you’re a pastor, or a pastor’s family, because a lot of prep goes into celebrating that Jesus is alive.

Our church had a beautiful Good Friday service this year, with congregational singing, Scripture readings and a brief sermon. (Sermon #1 of the weekend.) Here’s an audio-only taste.

On Saturday, after a service project in the morning, the Hunts hosted our annual Easter Egg-Stravaganza. Sam’s hands have since recovered.

IMG_6786 IMG_6774 IMG_6758 IMG_6785

We began Resurrection Sunday with a sunrise service in Letna Park. (Sermon #2.) The weather was slightly less punishing than in years past, and the service was beautiful.



We had our regular Sunday service (Sermon #3), and also got to celebrate the baptism of some sweet kids. (Baptismal homily: call it Sermon #3.5.)

IMG_5111 IMG_5120

Jesus’ resurrection is our only hope. He took on death for us, defeated it for us, and guaranteed that it can no longer hold us hostage. We loved celebrating these truths with our little church, joining with brothers and sisters all over the world.

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  1. Like a boss! So many sermons. I have to say, though, Eliza’s eyes are practically sermon #4.

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