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You have one job.

So on Sunday night we asked you to pray for one thing: That Eliza would be released from the hospital Monday morning. I admit I was not super optimistic. But we all prayed, and it happened. So let’s try that again.

Tomorrow E has blood work, where they’ll check her liver enzymes and hemoglobin. Please pray that the numbers will be good enough for them to send her back home. She eats well at home and is happier, but we know she’s not getting as much fluid (i.e. we don’t have an IV machine at home). But she’s done well the last 2 days, slept great, and been happy, so we’re hopeful.

Again, you have one job: Pray that E doesn’t get admitted tomorrow. Thank you so much!

From of old no one has heard or perceived by the ear, no eye has seen a God besides you, who acts for those who wait for him. (Isaiah 64:4)

So glad to have Ms. Mary here with us this week!




I’m bustin’ outta this joint!

Thank you so much for praying! Our girls get to come home today! And the doctor said the tumor already feels smaller. Praise God.

Our next appointment is Wednesday, so please pray that she’ll get enough fluids and stay strong and healthy for that appointment. Pray that E gets to stay home until next Monday, when she has her next round of chemo.

And now if you'll excuse me, Optimus Prime Star Wars Batman and I are off to rescue a princess.

And now if you’ll excuse me, Optimus Prime Star Wars Batman and I are off to rescue a princess.



Holding our breath

Eliza and her friend Kaja, who's four days younger.

Eliza and her friend Kaja, who’s four days younger.

We are praying hard that Eliza will be able to come home tomorrow. We really, really want her (and us) to have a normal week at home before Round 2 starts next Monday.

She’s been on IV fluids for several days, along with antibiotics and a blood transfusion. She is acting pretty normal, and ate really well for me this afternoon. She’s got a new tooth though (seriously this baby has more teeth than any I’ve ever seen), which we think is giving her some cold-like symptoms, but those can also be related to the chemo. At any rate, we’re hoping that blood work tomorrow morning convinces the doctors she can go home.

Please join us in praying for this simple, straightforward thing. Our family needs it for our mental health. We really think it’s best for Eliza. And on top of that we have a friend coming this week and it would be hard to be in the hospital for that. So, tonight, no list. Just that one thing. God, please let Eliza come home tomorrow.


Tough sledding

We’ve had a couple of hard days. Nothing out of the ordinary for cancer, but that’s a pretty low bar, isn’t it.


Unaffected: Awesomeness of Eliza in her sun dress.

The IV fluids have been good for Eliza’s liver enzymes. But she also developed flu-like symptoms and low hemoglobin, both normal for chemo patients. So she’s been on fluids, antibiotics, and today a blood transfusion, and they will keep her in the hospital through the weekend. Again, this is all normal for a baby going through chemotherapy– they don’t have much reserve, you want them strong enough for the next round, and you can’t play around with infections.

But it’s hard, and we’re tired. Yesterday and today were our hardest time since diagnosis. It’s hard to know what to do for E, and hard to parent the boys through the stress and worry and their own growing craziness. Really hard to do that while our family isn’t all together.

Eliza looks and is acting much better tonight than she did yesterday. Betsy came and sat with her so M and I could have a hot date in the hospital courtyard, and the boys are with friends tonight. God knows what we need and provides it.

Please pray for Eliza’s strength, and for all the numbers to get to where they need to be so she can come home Monday. She does better at home, in her own bed, with brothers and her favorite foods, and we want her to have more of that before her next round of chemo. Then there’s the whole thing with our mental health. So please pray that they’ll send her home Monday, and that she’ll stay strong all next week.

Pray too for us as parents, for patience with the boys who are stressed too. For us to show grace to them and ourselves. For some more normal-feeling days, and strength beyond ourselves while we wait for them. And one uber-specific: pray for better 3G and internet at the hospital. Last week it was fine; this week it’s incredibly slow, which keeps us from being able to let E see the boys.

Thank you friends.

Visiting hours. Don't judge us for the phone unless you've tried to keep small boys quiet in a hospital.

Visiting hours. Don’t judge us for the phone unless you’ve tried to keep small boys quiet in a hospital.


Slight wrinkle

Excuse the brevity– I’m posting from a tent in the back yard.


Eliza’s blood work today showed high uric acid and triglycerides. High uric acid is very normal for her type of tumor. The triglycerides they’re less sure about but it doesn’t seem to be anything drastic. She does have to stay overnight on IV fluids. A huge bummer after our good first half of the week, and discouraging as we had started to feel almost normal.

Please pray that the numbers look better tomorrow morning and the girls can come home. And pray for faith to sustain us through these bumps.


22 July: Home sweet home

Eliza and Melissa are home!


This would be a great place for a picture of all 5 of us at home. But I didn’t take one. Instead here’s Eliza saying MORE CHEESE!

E was released this morning until her next chemo treatment on 5 August. So far she’s doing great– very sleepy in the morning, more energy in the afternoon, sometimes fussy and uncomfortable, but always down to snuggle. What more could you want from a baby?

She was asleep when we got home and didn’t wake up for a couple hours. But then her eyes were huge as she looked around the house, and she had a huge grin when Melissa walked in from taking the boys somewhere. And dinner tonight was the most she’s eaten in several days.

Pray that God will continue to sustain her through her recovery, and that the drowsiness will be the biggest side effect we see from the chemo. And pray for the boys as they readjust to having Melissa and Eliza home. Transitions are weird.

We probably won’t do daily updates between chemo rounds, but you can assume that no news is good news. She has an outpatient visit Wednesday to make sure she’s handling the chemo well, so we’ll let you know how that goes.

Today is a day that feels surreal in its non-sadness. We feel almost guilty for how normal we feel. But there will be plenty of hard days ahead. Today we’re just thanking God for a normal day, and holding on to this to remember the next time it feels like the wheels are coming off.

Thank you all. When we post good news, I hope each of you who is praying reads and thinks, “I got to help with that.” Because you did.



21 July: Recovery day


This is mostly what Little Miss was up to today. Sleeping it off. When she was awake she seemed pretty happy, if sluggish. Lots of time for cuddling, which is fine by us.

If all looks good, Eliza and Melissa should come home tomorrow. Please pray that her fever won’t spike again, that she’ll get enough fluids, and that they’ll send her home. And pray that God will protect her from any kind of infection at home.

I preached tonight on Mark 1:21-28. Jesus has absolute authority. He speaks with authority, he acts with authority, and he uses his authority for our benefit. If Jesus wants a demon cast out, or a little girl healed, it’s done. And he is for us. For Eliza. Pray with boldness and confidence, friends.

Also: happy birthday, Gaffer!