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Eliza update: 18 July


IMG_5575Today started with a change of plans. We’d been told they wouldn’t be able to put in Eliza’s chemotherapy port until Tuesday, so she’d get to be home for a long weekend. This morning we learned she will get the port tomorrow, which is good. But that means no coming home this weekend, which is disappointing. All in all, though, we’re happy for anything that moves the process along.

E had another ultrasound on her head today, just one more test to make sure everything’s ready for chemo. It was fine.

So tomorrow is Port Day. We’re nervous about this. Until now she’s looked and acted completely normal. It sort of feels like tomorrow she officially becomes a sick kid. And the port means chemo, and chemo means… well, we don’t really know yet. But we know it’s not pretty.

Putting in the port also makes it official that we’ve decided to go ahead with Eliza’s treatment here in Prague, rather than traveling to the States. This has been our biggest decision of the past few days, and we have wrestled hard over it. But we prayed for unity between us and a clear sense of direction, God has answered, and we feel good about it. I’ll explain some of our reasons in a separate post.

Here’s how you can pray for tomorrow.

  • The port means anesthesia, which means E can’t eat after about 5:30 in the morning. Please pray that everything happens without delays so we can feed her by lunchtime, and that she won’t be too miserable.
  • Pray for no complications with the installation (upgrade? application? attachment? Who knows).
  • Pray for God to give us the strength to watch this happen. Not strength to avoid grief, but strength to walk through the experience.
  • Tonight E was running a slight fever, and she was cranky this afternoon. This could be teeth, or the fact that it’s hot, or realizing things are different, or nothing at all. But please pray the fever will be gone and won’t slow anything down tomorrow.

Every night I try to think of how to explain how grateful we are for all of you. I can’t. But we are. Thank you for loving all of us.

11 thoughts on “Eliza update: 18 July

  1. Praying. Thank you so much for posting every day. It really helps to know specifics of how sweet Eliza is, and you all, and how to pray and takes the edge off not being able to be there with you all. Sending lots of love.

  2. William and I are praying for you. We can’t imagine what you are feeling but we know our God is all powerful and will give you all you need. A verse I cling to frequently is 1peter 5:7. Cast all your anxieties on Him because He cares for you. We are on our knees! Love William, Amy, Will and Sarah Kathryn.

  3. Mark and i are thinkinG a lot about you. I get the updates through shana. If its any consulation during those difficult decisions that need to be made: czech republic is known for its excellent pediatric care. When the twins were born they were ranked nr 4 wordlwide… The facilities arent always great and the language is a challenge but the knowledge of the doctors is great and that is what counts! Are you in motol?
    No doubt that this is going to be a long and painfull journey but i am convinced your little girl will pull through having such amazing parents, brothers and competentndoctors! Liesbet

  4. Praying for all of you. May you feel His arms around you.

  5. praying for your sweet girl and for all of you!! thank you for allowing so many to walk alongside you!

  6. We are praying for your family. Love you all.

  7. I don’t see why she should have to stay in the hospital after getting the port! that is usually an outpatient procedure.

  8. Gray and I prayed tonight for God to heal Eliza, and Christopher prayed, “God, make Eliza better.” We definitely are pulling for her and you to make it through this hard time.

  9. Thinking of you often. When you need help, just call. Dinner for everyone? Shopping one day?
    I can deliver to your house or motal.

  10. You don’t know us but we know about E and your crisis. Tom almost died this Feb and prayers kept him safe and me sane. It is an honor to do the same for you…..we will hold you up in prayer….that is what the church does and God will honor it. May you feel his strength and love as you go through this experience together. You are not alone. Sue and Tom

  11. Jake, praying for you and your family and healing for Eliza.

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