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21 July: Recovery day



This is mostly what Little Miss was up to today. Sleeping it off. When she was awake she seemed pretty happy, if sluggish. Lots of time for cuddling, which is fine by us.

If all looks good, Eliza and Melissa should come home tomorrow. Please pray that her fever won’t spike again, that she’ll get enough fluids, and that they’ll send her home. And pray that God will protect her from any kind of infection at home.

I preached tonight on Mark 1:21-28. Jesus has absolute authority. He speaks with authority, he acts with authority, and he uses his authority for our benefit. If Jesus wants a demon cast out, or a little girl healed, it’s done. And he is for us. For Eliza. Pray with boldness and confidence, friends.

Also: happy birthday, Gaffer!


7 thoughts on “21 July: Recovery day

  1. Nice touch on everything, Jake… especially remembering the apparent fact your Dad is becoming a senior… in body, if not in maturity.

  2. Praying my friend…

  3. So thankful all went well to start.E looks so calm and peaceful! Many prayers are being answered as we ” speak”. We will stay in touch this week. Dad and I love you all so much. It’s a race each day to see who checks the blog first! No words can express the feelings right now….you know…mom

  4. Well, this seems like an appropriate topic for you to preach on…. Thanks so much for these daily updates. We are praying, and we want to pray, and getting the updates helps us pray.

  5. We will continue to pray for your family daily. Eager for the daily posts.

  6. Sweet friends, please know you are being lifted up often by the Hamms here in Florida, and we appreciate the updates so we know how to pray. Wish we could be there to love on you guys, and at the same time are SO grateful for the body of Christ that is taking care of you there!

  7. Dear Jake and Melissa, We thank God for your faith and your family. Keeping all of you and especially your sweet little girl in our prayers. You truly give us an example of the peace that surpasses all understanding. Blessings to your family.

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