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Tough sledding


We’ve had a couple of hard days. Nothing out of the ordinary for cancer, but that’s a pretty low bar, isn’t it.


Unaffected: Awesomeness of Eliza in her sun dress.

The IV fluids have been good for Eliza’s liver enzymes. But she also developed flu-like symptoms and low hemoglobin, both normal for chemo patients. So she’s been on fluids, antibiotics, and today a blood transfusion, and they will keep her in the hospital through the weekend. Again, this is all normal for a baby going through chemotherapy– they don’t have much reserve, you want them strong enough for the next round, and you can’t play around with infections.

But it’s hard, and we’re tired. Yesterday and today were our hardest time since diagnosis. It’s hard to know what to do for E, and hard to parent the boys through the stress and worry and their own growing craziness. Really hard to do that while our family isn’t all together.

Eliza looks and is acting much better tonight than she did yesterday. Betsy came and sat with her so M and I could have a hot date in the hospital courtyard, and the boys are with friends tonight. God knows what we need and provides it.

Please pray for Eliza’s strength, and for all the numbers to get to where they need to be so she can come home Monday. She does better at home, in her own bed, with brothers and her favorite foods, and we want her to have more of that before her next round of chemo. Then there’s the whole thing with our mental health. So please pray that they’ll send her home Monday, and that she’ll stay strong all next week.

Pray too for us as parents, for patience with the boys who are stressed too. For us to show grace to them and ourselves. For some more normal-feeling days, and strength beyond ourselves while we wait for them. And one uber-specific: pray for better 3G and internet at the hospital. Last week it was fine; this week it’s incredibly slow, which keeps us from being able to let E see the boys.

Thank you friends.

Visiting hours. Don't judge us for the phone unless you've tried to keep small boys quiet in a hospital.

Visiting hours. Don’t judge us for the phone unless you’ve tried to keep small boys quiet in a hospital.

15 thoughts on “Tough sledding

  1. Bless you! I know how hard this is on you and I pray for strength for you to endure it! And of course for baby Eliza! Thinking about all of you a lot!

  2. Can not imagine how hard all of the treatment, separation, worry about numbers, and exhaustion is on all of you. We will continue to pray and we know that God will answer prayers for Eliza and for you all. No judging from here, sounds like whatever works to help keep brothers occupied is exactly what is called for at the time. Such beautiful pictures of Eliza and her brothers.
    Love in Christ,
    Janie, Tommy, and T. Carmichael (Jackson, GA)

  3. Our family is praying for Eliza’s healing and for peace and rest for Mom and Dad.

  4. We continue to follow Eliza’s progress and pray for you all constantly. Praying for a good week ahead with all of you home.

  5. Praying for you guys every night at dinner. May you rest in Christ alone.

  6. Our son (Robert) asked to pray for you guys at lunch today. Press on, Jake!
    “My flesh and my heart may fail,
    but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” (Ps 73:26)

  7. My heart goes out to you all. I pray for rest and peace, Jake, for you and Melissa (she looks happy but very tired). I also pray God gives you what you need to get through this time ahead. I think of you every day.

  8. I am always thinking of you all and praying. Please say ‘hello’ to Sam for me and give him a big hug. Wish I was in Prague to take your boys out for some fun. Love you all x

  9. Sending up prayers and well-wishes!


  10. I’m praying for you. Don’t you worry a thing about people judging you. You do what you have to do and let people love you by helping. May you feel the ability to rest in Jesus’ arms and lap. Watch, wait and listen to how God will use His body to meet y’alls needs. Blessings and prayers as you walk this scary road. Dorothy (Carrie Day’s mom)

  11. Sending so much love and prayer.

  12. We are praying for you guys every day!

  13. You are all amazing! Praying for normal days at home and sweet, strong baby strength.

  14. Hi, I saw your blog through a friend who knows you. Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for your little girl and for your whole family!

  15. Dear Jake and Melissa: Just read your blog and our hearts go out to you at this difficult time. We just saw your boys and beautiful Eliza in Dec/Jan and who would have known what was ahead for you. God hears your every prayer, sees your every tear and knows how you want things “normal” again. But He will see you through as “He will never leave you or forsake you”. We too are praying for Eliza and the family to carry you through all that this journey entails. With our love and prayers, Jake and Jeanne (Connie’s parents) from Canada.

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