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Holding our breath


Eliza and her friend Kaja, who's four days younger.

Eliza and her friend Kaja, who’s four days younger.

We are praying hard that Eliza will be able to come home tomorrow. We really, really want her (and us) to have a normal week at home before Round 2 starts next Monday.

She’s been on IV fluids for several days, along with antibiotics and a blood transfusion. She is acting pretty normal, and ate really well for me this afternoon. She’s got a new tooth though (seriously this baby has more teeth than any I’ve ever seen), which we think is giving her some cold-like symptoms, but those can also be related to the chemo. At any rate, we’re hoping that blood work tomorrow morning convinces the doctors she can go home.

Please join us in praying for this simple, straightforward thing. Our family needs it for our mental health. We really think it’s best for Eliza. And on top of that we have a friend coming this week and it would be hard to be in the hospital for that. So, tonight, no list. Just that one thing. God, please let Eliza come home tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Holding our breath

  1. Prayers going up right now for that sweet girl to come home tomorrow!!

  2. I hope and pray she gets to go home tomorrow!

  3. Praying…and holding my breath with y’all!

  4. We are praying!!
    Jake and Jeanne

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