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“Regular” days!


Photo credits: Ms. Mary and Aunt Jess.

Photo credits: Ms. Mary and Aunt Jess.

Forgive me for not posting this yesterday– I was summoned once more to the backyard tent.

God answered our prayers, Eliza’s numbers were good, and she is home until Monday, when she heads back in for Round 2 of chemo. Honestly our faith was not super strong that this would happen. Thank goodness we depend not on the strength of our faith, but the Object of our faith! And so many thanks to Eliza’s army of pray-ers.

In the next few days you can pray especially for the boys. Sam and Foard are doing their best, and this whole thing is happening to them in a whole different way. They don’t completely understand it, but they do know that everything is different every few days, and that’s hard. So pray for grace for them to thrive, grace and patience for us as we try to love them in this valley, and sanity for all of us.

Thanks from all of us!

7 thoughts on ““Regular” days!

  1. We have been praying for you all and I will say a special prayer for your precious boys.

  2. Praying for the boys and all of you!

  3. It helps fuel my prayers to see their precious faces, I love it when God responds so positively so quickly. The prayers will continue.
    Love to you all,

  4. Your guys will be fine because they feel bathed in love from their parents, family and friends. I know you are explaining things so they can be aware of what is going on with Eliza and they will adapt to help and accept their new lives. Love from your cousins!!!

  5. awesome!!! will continue to pray! yesterday when we picked up caia from school, the first thing she asked was, “does baby eliza get to be at home?” we love yall!

  6. Wonderful! Will continue to pray.

  7. I’ve got Eliza’s name written on my microwave and I pray for your entire family every time I see it and times in between as well. much love to you all, Nolia Smith in Watkinsville. (you prayed for Evan about 6 years ago and he is doing great!)

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