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the hunts in prague

Round 2 update


Is there something on my face?

Is there something on my face?

Here’s a quick update on today. Eliza had her second chemo treatment as planned. One small concern: she started running a fever just as they started the drip. It responded to medication, so they went ahead with her treatment, but tomorrow she’ll have some kind of scan to see if they can tell where the fever’s coming from.

So please pray that there’s nothing abnormal tomorrow, that the fever stays down, that she doesn’t have a bad time with the chemo, and that she’ll be able to come home Wednesday.

In other news, I’m pleased to announce that 2 out of 2 Hunt boys agree that my chicken and dumplings is “the best dinner ever.” So there’s that.

3 thoughts on “Round 2 update

  1. Continuing to lift you up daily and with every specific request! Thank you for communicating the requests and answers to prayer so well.

  2. Praying! Mark 9:23
    Thank you for your Sunday preaching and for serving us!

  3. Praying for wisdom and clarity for the Dr. and peace for the moment for the family.

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