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the hunts in prague

Round 2

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God was very kind to give us a great week at home. Every day Eliza was more her mischievous, giggly self, the boys got lots of attention from both of us, and having our friend Mary here to help was a special treat. (So many thanks to her, to Dave & their girls for sharing her, and to Uptown for sending her!)

Ms. Mary, you so crazy.

Ms. Mary, you so crazy.

Now it’s time for Round 2. E goes in today, will start with IV fluids, and then have a 6-hour chemo drip during the afternoon. They’ll keep her on fluids and observations for 24 hours after that, and we’re praying she’ll be home Wednesday.

So for this week, the usual side-effects-of-chemo prayers apply:

  • Pray for nausea and vomiting to be minimal, and for E to respond well to the drugs they give for that.
  • Pray for her kidneys to hold up and function properly.
  • Pray for her white blood cell count to stay high, and her immune system to be strong.
  • Pray for no hearing loss.

Also, please pray that she doesn’t have to go back into the hospital between rounds. Specifically, please pray that she’ll be home at the end of this week. A team from Uptown will be in Prague to serve with Young Life, and they’ve added a work day at our house to their itinerary. So we want the ladies here to enjoy their company.

We have clear eyes and full hearts after a restful week. We know that’s because so many of you are praying for us, and God is hearing. We are grateful for all of you who are holding our arms up through this battle. He is faithful.

One thought on “Round 2

  1. Love and continued prayers from Jackson, GA. that Eliza’s little body will be able to handle this round of chemotherapy with minimum side effects and be home in just a day or so. Know that God is holding you all in his comforting arms.
    Love in Christ,
    Janie, Tommy, and T. Carmichael

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